Meet pretty Lydia. We heard about her, a very pregnant female, from a concerned animal lover. Before we could get her she was taken to the Dept. Of Ag. We immediately contacted them to let them know we wanted her and would pick her up on Tuesday when her hold was up. Well... the baby Coconuts didn't want to wait until today! Lydia had her 9 babies overnight last night at the DOA! They are now all safe and secure in a loving foster home.


Hope wins ...

Hope wins ...

Freedom Rides!!
Please meet Dixie and DonnaSue, our 2 newest Dept. Of Agriculture rescues. These beauties were very happy to get out! Both were checked out at Island Veterinary Services and are in good shape except that poor DonnaSue is heartworm positive. But we will get her sorted.
Thank you to everyone who has offered to foster. Right now these 2 have safe foster homes to stay in. But it is critical at DOA now as they are full of court and welfare cases which leaves almost no room for the poor guys that are surrendered or picked up on the street and available. We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and may be contacting you in the near future when they need our help again.
So for now, we are happy to say that Dixie and DonnaSue are safe.



Meet our newest Dept. Of Agriculture rescues, Bart and Bali. Bart is a happy soul, about 5 years old and, happily heartworm negative! Bali is a beautiful 5 month old baby who needs a bit of time to learn trust but was soooo much calmer and happier after snuggling on my lap at Island Vet after their freedom rides. Both of these gorgeous Coconuts are looking for fosters/ forever homes so please contact us here or at info@ if you would like to meet either of these beauties. We have over 30 Coconuts in our care at the moment so we can sure use some help.... even for a short period.






Our beautiful DOA rescue, Walton, is all smiles after completing his 2nd round of heartworm treatment with the great folks at Island Veterinary Services. Now it's just a matter of a few weeks before he will be completely heartworm free... and rumor has it there might be a foster failure.... stay tuned!



Meet sweet Yuengling, our newest Dept. of Agriculture rescue. He has the biggest smile on his face as he is now on the first day of the rest of his now happy life! This boy is on his way to the great folks at Island Veterinary Services to get vetted and stay overnight to start his heartworm treatment. And, luck would have it, we found him a foster home while we were at the vet! So things are definitetly looking up for this Coconut! If you are interested in meeting this guy please message us here or email . He loves everybody and other dogs.



These 5 lucky Coconuts got sprung from the Dept. Of Agriculture this afternoon and are now on the beginning of their new lives. Walton is the fluffy guy. We were hoping that he was heartworm negative but, like so many that we pull from the pound, he is positive. So we will work on getting him healthy. The 4 little pups are Whitney, Wanda, Wade and Wayne. These guys need a bit of socializing but will be good to go in no time.

We really want to help more of the dogs that end up at the DOA but we can't do it without foster homes. So please, if you have ever thought about fostering even for a short time, please contact us. We provide everything you need to care for them. You just provide the love.



What a smile - another Cayman Coconut gets his freedom ride - welcome Quaid!

What a smile - another Cayman Coconut gets his freedom ride - welcome Quaid!

Freedom Ride!!
Meet handsome Quaid, our newest Dept. of Agriculture rescue. He is a beautiful Shep/ Lab mix and loveable as can be. Unfortunately he is heartworm positive, but will start his treatment soon after his neuter surgery is done next week. In the meantime he will get spoiled and put some much needed weight on at his fantastic foster mom Megan's home.
Although we wanted to pull more than one guy today, we need to wait on a couple of the Coconuts that are there until the proper procedures are followed before we can take them on. Soon come!