Fostering a dog means you are agreeing to take in a homeless dog, agreeing to share your home with him, and agreeing to give him love and care. This might be for a set period of time, or might be open-ended - until the dog has been adopted or, in our case, transferred.

Our animal rescue organisation does not have a physical shelter and we rely entirely on foster homes and, when we run out those, on kennel services. It may be that we have rescued an animal that is too young or too ill to yet be adopted/transferred. It may just be that the dog has lived it's life on the streets and needs the chance to adjust to living in a home with a family.


  • Fostering is a truly rewarding experience, offering an animal the chance at a new life
  • You will be in the position to advise about the animal's personality and the home that he would be most suited to
  • Karma - you never know when you might need it on your side!
  • We will be your friends. FOREVER.


Before you say why you can't foster an animal, let's list a few reasons why you can:

  • It's temporary - you get the best of both lives - having a faithful friend without being committed forever - this is especially suitable to the transient expat workers on our island
  • You really don't need much space in your home for a dog or cat ...... just space in your heart
  • Yes, you might get attached and yes, it might hurt to say goodbye. But it is better to have fostered and said "go well my friend", than never to have fostered
  • We know you might already have animals - but wouldn't they just love a new buddy?
  • Our animals will not make your animals sick - before our animals are placed in foster homes, they are given a thorough checkup by our vet and any illnesses will be picked up at this point and the animal placed in the correct environment for his care
  • There are never enough foster homes - seriously there aren't - we need you
  • It won't cost you a cent (unless you decide to sponsor the foster) - we will pay for all the animals needs
  • It's the most fun and rewarding way to make it onto Santa Clause's nice list!!