"No one ever became poor by giving"------ Anne Frank


In this day and age, we are all frantically trying to keep our busy lives on track while saving our pennies for a new piece of furniture, the kids' college expenses and for a much needed vacation.

But still, we dare to ask for a monetary donation to help our cause, and to help animals who otherwise have no hope for the future. 

They don't want furniture or vacations. They don't want education or jewellery. They generally don't want anything except to give love. But they NEED a chance. A chance to be helped out of a bad situation, a chance to be safe, a chance to love.

If you can spare only a little, we promise to make it go far.

If you can spare a lot, we promise to make it work hard.

We promise to make it count. Each and every single cent.

Our animal rescue organisation is run by volunteers alone. Our organisation is kept going by nothing other than the fund raising events that we organise, the donations that we receive from the public and local companies, and is all helped by free services offered by various providers such as Island Veterinary Services (who kindly offer services at a discount), and Cayman Airways who do so much to assist in the transfer of our animals to their forever homes.

There are endless expenses to be paid, and some of them are:

  • Food
  • Veterinary services for vaccinations, sterilisations and medicines when needed
  • Kennelling dogs who cannot be fostered until transport off island
  • Storage rental - storage for supplies, food and goods for our garage sales
  • General supplies such as shampoos, heartworm tablets, dog beds, dog crates, leashes etc
  • Travel crates

The average veterinary cost for each animal is CI$200.00, which includes basic exams, vaccines, de-worming and spay/neuter. This does not include the cost of food and supplies, nor the cost of transferring animals overseas (which requires the accompaniment of two volunteers and therefore return airline flights. If transporting to New York, we need to cover costs of hotel accommodate as well).

Any donation that you are able to give who will be so hugely appreciated. But if you can't spare money, there are many other ways to help our rescued animals.